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Kingair central air conditioning in winter use notes
Dear customers of kingair,
Thank you for your support and trust in Kingair. The cold winter has come. In order to ensure the normal use of central air conditioning equipment and system, such as main engine and terminal, we put forward the following Suggestions for you:
1. Please prepare and check the anti-freeze setting of the air-conditioning equipment in advance to ensure the normal use of the air-conditioning equipment. If your unit does not use heating in winter or the terminal system is not opened, and the temperature in the machine room and room is relatively low, please be sure to discharge the water inside the shell and terminal system of the machine clean, to avoid the air conditioning unit or pipe freezing crack.
2. When the cooling tower is not in use in winter, please discharge the cooling water cleanly to avoid freezing the cooling tower or system pipelines.

3. For units still in use in winter, all air conditioning products including screw machine, module machine, centrifuge, fan coil unit, modular air conditioning unit, etc. Please be sure to add a certain proportion of antifreeze in the air-conditioning piping system, pay special attention to the low temperature at night stop must keep the water pump running 24 hours (or other related anti-freeze pump chain measures), all the water pipeline valves open, the wind valve closed, the unit location doors and Windows closed.

If there is anything not covered, please consult guoxiang after-sales service engineer. Guo xiang 24-hour after-sales hotline: 400-826-0780

                                                                                                  Zhejiang Kingair after-sales service center

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